Skype login window disappearance fix

For 2 days, some people are reporting login window disappearances. Happened to me on both my Windows XP and Ubuntu 10.10 machine. The solution is quite the same:

  1. Locate the Skype user settings folder
  2. Delete it

On Linux:

  1. Open terminal
  2. rm -rf /home/username/.Skype

On Windows:

  1. Start -> Run
  2. %appdata%\Skype
  3. Select All (CTRL + A)
  4. Delete

Update (31.05.2011.):

As some people pointed, there is a better solution than deleting the whole Skype user settings folder. Instead, you should only delete the shared.xml file in it.

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11 thoughts on “Skype login window disappearance fix

  1. meloamaury says:

    Perfect! Very simple and efficient! Thank you! I would not try this by myself.

  2. Linde says:

    OK. And how do you “locate the user settings folder”?

  3. pierre5933 says:

    I got exactly the same problem with suse 11.4 kde .
    yesterday when I want to launch Skype , the windows skype appeared and and 10 second later closed , when I tried to start with konsole i Got the same but with the konsole I got this message in french “abandon ” abandon” means in english “renunciation” , “make over”.

    after some trial , with others computers with also suse 11.4 I did not have this problem I decide to erase in /Home the folder .skype I launched Skype , I accept the licence , introduced login and Pasword and a New folder .skype has been ceated .

    and it’s runing well


  4. Philip says:


    I have been looking for a solution since 2 days as skype disappeared after starting it.

    you saved my day!!


    PS .. can I link your blog entry to my blog (with the correct credentials ofcourse)

  5. danny says:

    thank u very much

  6. Daniela (Skype: daniela9453) says:

    Hi, I tried to do what you say about Skype-Ubuntu, but it’s impossible ’cause Skype disappears before I take every kind of action.
    Have you got another suggestion? Thank you! Daniela

    • aidvu says:

      Did you delete the “.Skype” folder? Check with “ls -la” if it is still there.

  7. Javi says:

    Thank you so much!!

  8. Removing shared.xml works perfectly!! Thanks!!

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