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Extract a file extension and check if the extension is allowed (using PHP)

Going to start work on a logo sharing portal. Yes, sharing, not selling. 🙂 It is quite a pain when you need to find a vector logo for an existing company, and all you get is some low resolution picture. Add to it that most of the people you can contact have no idea what are vector graphics and are proposing that you “Scan it off the business card.”.. So I needed functions for extension extraction and allowance check.. Nothing spectacular..
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URL Encode/Decode

The first real use of Exec-PHP.. Yesterday I was looking for an online URL Encoder/Decoder, and all I found were encoders and a decoder on some prehistoric website. So, here’s a encoder/decoder written in PHP (it’s not really written, it’s just using urlencode() and urldecode() functions..). More info about Percent-encoding.

Encode Decode

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PHP inside posts

Today I tried finding a good PHP injector in WordPress posts. Hopefully, Exec-PHP is one of them (or at least seemed by the comments and activity).

So let’s try it:

This is made usin’ PHP.

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