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VirtualBox Virtual Hard Disk Resizing

Ended up without virtual hard disk space on my Windows XP machine. Never thought I’d need more than 10GB. Luckily, starting with VirtualBox version 4.0, you can resize your virtual hard disks with:

vboxmanage modifyhd DiskName.vdi --resize 15000

where DiskName.vdi is your disks name, and the resize value is in megabytes. I have tested this with .vdi disks (default VirtualBox disk format), no idea if it works for other types of disks.

After this, you should extend the partition itself. I guess booting GParted would be the easiest way if you’re running Win XP.

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Mounting USB in VirtualBox VM

Had problems mounting USB on a FreeNAS VM while running some Linux distro? Well, just add yourself to the vboxusers group.

sudo usermod -aG vboxusers <username>
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VirtualBox doesn’t work on Ubuntu after kernel upgrade

One would think that they would automate the process… but no, need to run dpkg-reconfigure to rebuild it for the current kernel.

So run these 2 commands:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox-dkms
sudo dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox

and your VB should be running again without problems.

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Platform Wars: Simulating the Battle for Video Game Supremacy

Not my type of thing really, strategy, economics… BUT, the idea of making a game so people can practice these things sounds a lot better. Instead of mindless crop growing, and watering at 3 in the morning, do “mindless” parameter changing to uncover the dynamics of a system.. Well, MIT surely choose the second. 🙂

Read the abstract, or try playing their Platform Wars which are free so far.

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For a software developer (or, well, anyone at all) good documentation is a relic! Since web programming is mainstream now, and anyone saying otherwise is just ignorant, there is a need for a good HTML, CSS, JavaScript documentation.

It was about time something like appeared. Mozilla Developer Network made an awesome documentation for HTML/CSS/JavaScript/DOM.


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